Wisconsin is know for being a very haunted state and Milwaukee is the most haunted city in the state. If you are interested in discovering more about the spirits that haunt the city, you should come for a stay at a haunted mansion, tour a haunted bar, see a concert in a haunted theater and check out the local haunted hot spots.

Stay at the Haunted Brumder Mansion. The mansion has been investigated several times and there has been evidence of ghostly activity. Some reported activity includes: sightings of spectral forms descending the stairs, ghostly voices, missing objects and more. Experience the ghostly activity and see for yourself, while you spend the night and enjoy excellent service with a great breakfast to start your day before venturing out to see the spookier side of Milwaukee. View a recent video of some of the experiences of the CBS reporters that stayed overnight.

After you spend the night in a haunted mansion, venture forth and take a few tours of haunted buildings, such as Shaker’s Cigar Bar with its ghost tour and the Pabst Mansion with its tour of the mansion. You won’t be disappointed. While taking these tours, one can possibly experience lights that turn on and off by themselves, doors that close by unseen hands, and figures that appear and disappear. Both buildings are haunted by known and named spirits. At the Pabst Mansion, captain Frederick Pabst overlooks the mansion he built and Shaker’s Cigar Bar has a little girl named Elizabeth that has been heard laughing.

After going on tours of haunted buildings, treat yourself to a self-guided tour of Milwaukee’s other haunted hot spots. Spots include: Milwaukee Public Museum, Modjeska Theater, The Rave, Marquette University, Grant Park – Seven Bridges Trail, North Point Lighthouse, Miller Inn & Caves, and the Riverside Theater.

Each Milwaukee hotspot has its own unique history and reason spirits abound:

Brumder Mansion

Places with a shady past can have tragic stories that lead to lingering spirits. While this mansion was built for a respectable local family, it wasn’t long before ownership changed hands and this lovely mansion was turned into a speakeasy. Connections to the mob lead to several tragic occurrences and the spirits of the victims still haunt the mansion today. While tragedy can lead to hauntings, it isn’t the only reason spirits stick around. The mansion is also haunted by a few spirits still carrying out their work in a place they loved. The mansion is now a bed and breakfast theatre where you can stay the night or catch a show and see if you experience any interaction with the current spirits in residence.

Grant Park – Seven Bridges Trail

This trail has been scene to many suicides in the past. Due to this, phantom voices, footsteps, and screams can be heard from deep in the forest. Shimmering lights as well as an apparition have also been sited when hiking this trail.

Marquette University

When a place has been around for a long time, it is sure to gather spirits throughout the years. Marquette University is no exception. It has spirits that linger due to unfortunate accidents as well as those that took their own lives. Some particularly haunted buildings on campus include; Johnston Hall, where a Jesuit Priest took his own life; Humphrey Hall and Varsity Hall, where children from a former children’s hospital are still seen; and Starz Tower, where a drowned boy is reported to still swim alongside students.

Milwaukee Public Museum

Some people just can’t get enough of their job, either living or dead. The museum is reputedly haunted by a former curator that was killed in a crash on the way to work in the late 60’s. People have mentioned feeling a chill air pass them on the third floor and the elevator mysteriously travels to the third floor on its own as though called by a ghostly presence.

Miller Inn & Caves

The caves are said to be haunted by a set of tragic lovers. The caves were a meeting place for the lovers and they come back even in death to seek each other out. There have been instances of ghostly footsteps reported and whispers heard.

Modjeska Theater

Though dormant currently, this theater has had its fair share of ghostly activity. A former home to Vaudeville acts, the Modjeska theater is now home to a few spirits that just can’t get enough of the stage. A woman in white has been seen on the stage and a patron of the arts still watches from the balcony.

North Point Lighthouse

Ghostly children still call this lighthouse and its surrounding area home. The children’s presence has been observed around the lighthouse as well as on the Lion’s gate bridge that spans the gorge by the lighthouse. Children’s laughter can been heard and an unwelcoming feeling can be felt in the lighthouse itself.

Pabst Mansion

Those that loved living in a place are reluctant to go, even in death. Captain Frederick Pabst, built this mansion and died not long after, but he is unwilling to give up his time with a place he so loved and he still looks after the mansion in death.

The Rave

The Rave was originally the Eagle’s Ballroom, a social and athletic club with a pool in its basement. Having pools can be dangerous and there was at least one reported drowning here. The Rave is haunted by the unfortunate spirit who drown in the pool. People have reported the heavy smell of chlorine in the basement, where the pool no longer is filled, as well as hearing girl’s voices in the area. The Rave has also long been a place for performers and is haunted by one well known musician, Buddy Holly, who must have loved performing there.

Riverside Theater

This theatre was built during the age of Vaudeville and has been the set for many performances over the years. Many spirits that haunt theatres do so because they loved performing or watching the shows. When visiting the theatre, a strong scent of floral perfume and the unmistakable aroma of cigar smoke has been noticed by staff and visitors alike. A male entity has also been spotted in the theater. He likes to tease the staff by moving objects around when they aren’t looking.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar

This old building has a long history and has picked up a number of spirits throughout the years. The bar was once a brothel and speakeasy. During this time there were a few grisly murders which have lead to three seperate spirits that still linger today. A little girl named Elizabeth is a notable spirit that haunts the bar due to a tragic accident that lead to her death. She can be heard giggling and sometimes has been seen.


As you can see, there are many paranormal places of interest in Milwaukee. Check out some in-depth articles on many of the Milwaukee haunted houses, including The Brumder Mansion, Shaker’s Cigar Bar and the Pabst Mansion, at hauntedhouses.com.

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