Beyond Ghosts
Luke DiPaolo of Beyond Ghosts describes a paranormal encounter he had at The Brumder Mansion.

Dakota and Michelle
Introductions to Dakota Lawrence and Michelle Griffin as they talk about their psychic craft, and visiting the Brumder.

Dakota Lawrence
Psychic Dakota Lawrence recalls how the events of 9/11 changed his life.

Dakota Lawrence and Chicago Paranormal
A full feature length video documenting the investigation of the Brumder Mansion with Chicago Paranormal and Psychic Dakota Lawrence.

Zondra – Ghost Venture Crew
An introduction to Zondra Mae, leader of Green Bay-based investigators
“Ghost Venture Crew”.

Zondra and the Ghost Venture Crew
Zondra Mae offers her psychic impressions
of the spirits inhabiting the Brumder Mansion.

Lori Manns
Lori Manns, a Green Bay Wisconsin-based psychic, in the Brumder Theater

Lori Manns
Lori in the Brumder’s Marion Suite.

Lori Manns
Lori in the Brumder’s Gold Suite.

Ghost Research Society
Rich Newman explains his DICE (“Detect, Interact, Capture, Escalate”) method of ghost hunting.

The Brumder Mansion hosts a ghost-hunting seminar. Accounts
from guests and ghost hunters featured

Jeffrey Seelman
Guests and ghost hunters recount their experiences at The Brumder Mansion.
Featuring Jeffrey Seelman.

Northern Alliance Paranormal
An introduction to the Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators.

Northern Alliance Paranormal
Some background on the Brumder Mansion by the Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators.

Rich Newman talks about the importance of historical research when investigating the Brumder Mansion.

Rich Newman at The Brumder